MITUTOYO at the EMO fair

- 247 m² of high-technology


Gathering of the metalworking world: The branch’s biannually held leading trade fair EMO opens its gates in Hannover (September 18-23, 2017).

Industry 4.0 is one of the central topics in the branch. And this also reflects in the MITUTOYO motto for EMO: “Solutions 4. future”. As one of the leading manufacturers of precision measuring instruments MITUTOYO will display their portfolio of top-quality measur­ing devices in hall 6, booth number D11. The article program ranges from highly precise handheld measuring instruments to high-end vision measuring systems, form and sur­face roughness testers as well as state-of-the-art CNC coordinate measuring machines and in-line applications.

As a matter of course the metrology experts show a great number of novelties at their booth, the latest being an all-new laser scanner for coordinate measuring machines by name of SurfaceMeasure 201FS. Three fully CNC form measuring instruments combined in one is what MITUTOYO offers with the new Formtracer Extreme SV-C4500CNC Hybrid Type 1. It is equipped with a surface roughness detector, a contour detector and a confocal chromatic point sen­sor (CPS) employing axial chromatic aberration, thus offering contact and non-contact measuring opportunity.

The hottest new technology is what MITUTOYO shows with the revolutionary, new MITUTOYO TAG Lens, boasting an incredible 70 kHz of variable frequency of focal length. It does not take a mechanical movement to control the focal distance. Piezo signals trigger the ultra-fast adaptations of focus. It offers a 40x larger distance of focus than standard lenses.

The measurement specialists equipped their ground-breaking Quick Image vision measuring system with a motorised stage. The brand-new QIPAK 6.1 software incorporates a stitching function. For workpieces larger than the field of view, several images are acquired while moving the stage. By stitching the images the software makes for a vastly enlarged area of inspection at the same resolution.

Plus, Mitutoyo have released a successor of their tried and tested dial test indicators. The accuracy specification of the new series is now compliant to the new ISO 9493 norm, the latest standard in Europe. The new instruments boast even better usability and enhanced ruggedness for everyday use.

Additionally, MITUTOYO will exhibit a cell equipped with a robot loading a CMM, a VMM and form measuring instrument in an automated sequence. The measuring data can be viewed online, parameters can thus be controlled and adjusted from all over the planet.

Another cell shows an all new fully automatic custom solution comprising a robot loading a Linear Gage and a Laser Scan Micrometre.

The booth will boast an inviting design, held in white and orange colour. Highly trained technicians demonstrate the latest high-performance software to all those interested. 

247 m² of high-technology made by MITUTOYO. All those interested in top-of-the-line quality assurance should make sure to visit the MITUTOYO booth (hall 6, D11)