Gauging Technology

Measurement solutions – meeting the needs of industry.

Mitutoyo Gauging Technology provides a specialist service that aims to meet the increasing need for customised measurement solutions to support manufacturers’ quality assurance operations. From one-off fixtures to fully automated measurement systems, Mitutoyo Gauging Technology can help you meet the simplest or the most complicated measurement challenge.

The expertise.

Mitutoyo Gauging Technology has the combination of a unique knowledge of the broadest line of measuring products in the world from a leader in measurement technology, together with wide-ranging expertise in materials handling and control system design. Mitutoyo Gauging Technology can offer you custom-built metrology for practically any measurement application in almost any industry. Staffed by experts in many engineering disciplines who are dedicated to meeting your needs, Mitutoyo Gauging Technology can be your best partner in developing effective metrology solutions.

A winning combination.

This unique blend of expertise backed by unrivalled experience and knowledge of the finest products means that you can benefit by becoming more efficient and productive. Gauging Technology offers a complete range of systems and services that will meet any requirement, including:

  • All dimensional measurement applications – including off-the-shelf measurement systems or custom-built specials.
  • All testing applications – torque, force and surface finish.
  • Individual fixing requirements as a stand-alone product or special systems designed to support existing Mitutoyo products.
  • Automated measurement systems.
  • All types of gauging and probing requirements.
  • Software support for all systems.

Making the impossible, possible.

Using a combination of sophisticated CAD programming and years of experience with some of the best technical expertise around, Gauging Technology can cater for many different industries and applications. Every measurement requirement will be considered and no application is impossible.


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